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petak, 09 maj 2014 08:11

BioPhotometer plus (EPPENDORF)

The BioPhotometer plus, a compact UV/Vis photometer, has 9 fixed wavelengths optimized for routine applications in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology labs. The photometer provides instant access to 32 routine methods, of which 9 methods are freely programmable. Apart from standard cuvettes such as the Eppendorf UVette, the BioPhotometer plus can also accommodate micoliter volumes.

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petak, 09 maj 2014 08:10

Eppendorf PlateReader (EPPENDORF)

The PlateReader AF2200 is the ideal device for quantifying biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins, and measuring fluorescence-based assays in a plate format. Thanks to the large selection of filters, a wide variety of applications can be carried out in the UV/Vis range and a high number of fluorescence dyes can be detected. The device software features optimized, preprogrammed applications and a flexible selection of individual parameters. It also offers the option to freely program all parameters in order to meet special requirements. The PlateReader AF2200 unites the simplest programming and evaluation with maximum flexibility.

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The new Eppendorf BioSpectrometers are small, very compact spectrophotometers that allow users to conduct measurements in the UV/ Vis and fluorescence range. Absorbance spectra can be recorded, and individual wavelength measurements can be conducted, in a spectral range of 200 nm to 830 nm. On the BioSpectrometer kinetic, the cuvette shaft can also be tempered in a range of +20 °C to +42 °C, meaning that enzyme and substrate kinetics can be measured directly in the device. The integrated fluorescence unit of the BioSpectrometer fluorescence can be used to increase the measuring range by using fluorescence dyes.

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The Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 is the 3rd generation of Eppendorf BioPhotometers, which have become an established standard in the field of life sciences. It utilizes fixed wavelengths, making the BioPhotometer D30 the ideal device for quick and precise routine applications. Ultra stable Xenon light source quickly lights up for immediate instrument use. Data is clearly processed making the evaluation of results fast and simple while minimizing mistakes. Additional help menus assist the user and offer an additional level of security. Relevant ratios are automatically determined for the corresponding applications. 

The BioPhotometer D30 offers the option of recording purity scans for specific applications. In a defined measuring range, additional measurement data are collected and shown extrapolated, allowing contamination in the sample to be visually identified quickly.

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